Nexia AP:

Winding up of companies

In the life of any business entity it may happen, in a certain phase, that the continuation in the existing economic activities starts to seem ineffective for various reasons, and therefore in the cases when e.g. no alternative object of business or other suitable solutions are found (such as a merger or another form of transformation, sale of the enterprise, etc.), the owner arrives at an unavoidable decision that the only appropriate way out is the winding up, liquidation and subsequent paying out of the liquidation balance to authorised beneficiaries. In the case that the business entity in question does not have the appropriate administrative background in such a situation, there arises a question of how to ensure the entire liquidation process in such a way that it can take place as effectively as possible, without any necessary delays and risks and that it can be possible to achieve the target set out at the final stage – namely the deletion of the entity in question from the Commercial Register, or the paying out of a share in the liquidation balance to all authorised persons. And just in such situations we are able to offer our services which can ensure an appropriate solution.

From the very essence of the matter, the liquidation of a company is not logically an area with which the wide economic public would have any detailed experience. Even though, of course, many processes in the accounting and tax areas state also in the course of liquidation similar parameters as in the case of ordinary operation of business entities, there are many specifics and deviations without the knowledge of which there can arise a number of complications, risks and delays, which logically lengthen the entire process of liquidation and therefore make it more expensive in their essence as well. In a similar way it is possible to state that besides the standard accounting and tax procedures, there is not any other option, in the course of liquidation, than to implement also a number of specific law and administrative acts whose implementation is again much simpler and more effective if they are ensured by a team of specialists and not e.g. by a liquidation group consisting of the employees of the entity being liquidated, whose experience with similar processes are principally at a minimum level in most cases and who furthermore may be, on the basis of the very essence of the matter, in a certain regard motivated rather to extensions (and also to cost increase) of the entire process than to its acceleration and achievement of a maximum efficiency.

The services in the field of liquidation provided by Nexia AP a.s. represent a fully comprehensive solution of the task in question. With regard to the possibilities of the use of cooperating law offices, as well as other specialised entities (areas of bookkeeping, drawing up of expert opinions) with appropriate experience, Nexia AP a.s. is capable to fully ensure the process of liquidation of various business entities from the drawing up of an appropriate decision of the General Meeting about the termination of the activities and entering into the liquidation process, through a complete implementation as well as administration of the entire process (assurance of the accounting and tax agenda, drawing up of appropriate tax returns, communication with territorially competent tax authorities, administration bodies, as well as regional archive administrators, recovery of receivables, financial realisation of other asset components, settlement of liabilities to individual creditors, etc.) up to the finalisation of the process by filing a motion for deletion from the Commercial register, payment of the share in the liquidation balance to authorised persons and the actual deletion.

Tax consultancy

One of the important obligations of any economic entity is the fulfilment of its financial as well as non-financial undertakings towards the locally competent inland revenue bodies represented usually by tax authorities. ....

Optimisation of accounting from the viewpoint of costs, time of processing and usability of outputs

On the basis of our experience we know that in every company the Financial Director must face, from time to time, pressures on reduction of the costs of his or her section as a section not forming any added value of the company. ...


Nexia AP a.s. provided accounting services already from its establishment. In 2005, the partners decided about the move of all accounting orders into the partner’s company INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING SERVICES, s.r.o. ...

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