Nexia AP:

Advisory activities during human resource recruitment

One of the important tasks during the recruitment of employees into the Financial Section is often to check the professional knowledge of applicants.

It is usual that even large companies do not run any systematic procedures of how to check this knowledge, and in the case of small entities this is a rule. Sometimes there is also a situation when the required work position at the company is the only one for which the staff member should have the specialisation required, which means that there is nobody inside the firm who could assess the professional knowledge of applicants. If the selection is carried out in such a case by the entity itself or of the entity orders the same from a HR agency, there is a risk that the selected staff member will be unable to properly fulfil the professional tasks entrusted.

Nexia AP a.s. performs evaluation of professional knowledge of candidates for the position in financial sections. For this purpose it has prepared systematic tests from the field of accounting and taxes (both national and international), business law and labour law. It makes also interviews with the applicants because also their communication skills in the professional area are an important criterion for assessment. Thanks to the experience of our colleagues, the final assessment of the applicant’s knowledge provided to the client is very objective. The use of the services of our company significantly reduces the risk of incorrect decisions during the selection among applicants.

Tax consultancy

One of the important obligations of any economic entity is the fulfilment of its financial as well as non-financial undertakings towards the locally competent inland revenue bodies represented usually by tax authorities. ....

Optimisation of accounting from the viewpoint of costs, time of processing and usability of outputs

On the basis of our experience we know that in every company the Financial Director must face, from time to time, pressures on reduction of the costs of his or her section as a section not forming any added value of the company. ...


Nexia AP a.s. provided accounting services already from its establishment. In 2005, the partners decided about the move of all accounting orders into the partner’s company INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING SERVICES, s.r.o. ...

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