Nexia AP:

Cost management

Nexia AP a.s. follows up to the analysis of the economic management and of the financial standing through the projects aimed at increasing the cost-efficiency of economic activities through cost reduction, income increase or through a combination of the two approaches. These projects which are based on application of analytical methods, process analysis, methods based on the time consumption analysis, benchmarking procedures and of course also on managerial experience of the solver team, includes:

  • Designing of an optimum organisational arrangement
  • Setting up of the accounting system and of the system of economic centres in the interconnection to the plan creation and inspection and management of costs and incomes
  • Drawing up of the corporate reporting on regular assessment of key items and indicators and inspection of the economic management in the follow-up to the plan drawn up
  • Introduction of setup of the work productivity measurement system
  • Inspection of performance and time standards
  • Introduction of motivation charts aimed at measurement and evaluation of the work activity performance (e.g. in the form of work productivity or maximisation of margins) and at interconnection of the remuneration process with the work performance
  • Introduction of the stock management system
  • Introduction of the system of selection of suppliers by way of an electronic auction of selected commodities or by way of selective tender proceedings
  • Suggestions for personnel savings and relating savings of personnel costs
  • Suggestions for elimination of loss-generating activities and operations
  • Suggestions for sale of redundant assets
  • Acquisition recommendations

Tax consultancy

One of the important obligations of any economic entity is the fulfilment of its financial as well as non-financial undertakings towards the locally competent inland revenue bodies represented usually by tax authorities. ....

Optimisation of accounting from the viewpoint of costs, time of processing and usability of outputs

On the basis of our experience we know that in every company the Financial Director must face, from time to time, pressures on reduction of the costs of his or her section as a section not forming any added value of the company. ...


Nexia AP a.s. provided accounting services already from its establishment. In 2005, the partners decided about the move of all accounting orders into the partner’s company INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING SERVICES, s.r.o. ...

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