Nexia AP:

Preparation of business projects on a turnkey basis

In the economic reality, there continually arise new opportunities for doing business. They are used by absolutely new entities, possibly the existing entities try to expand therein. For the commencement of a new business it is suitable to describe a business project and to reflect the same into the financial plan as a basic guide for the assessment of profitability of the business project. This process is usually required also by banks or by other institutions providing funds. If the project implementation is agreed, it is necessary to proceed, among other things, with establishment of business companies, introduction of the accounting system, including the accounting guidelines, introduction of the system of tax records, setting up of the agreements and principles of business relations and relations with interconnected entities.

The commencement of a new business activity is usually not an everyday routine activity. There arise new questions, problems and risks, whose solution is usually not an ordinary part of work obligations of the employee, especially in the cases when the new business activity is situated in another country. The view of the business project and financial plan may be distorted as well. This brings about risks of subsequent incurrence of additional costs and also a possible jeopardy of the actual expansion. The consulting relating to business projects and project solution on a turnkey basis with the help of a professional adviser may eliminate the above mentioned risks in an essential way.

Thanks to its membership in the NEXIA INTERNATIONAL network, Nexia AP a.s. is able to provide advisory services and preparations of business projects on a turnkey basis virtually all over the world. At the same time it normally implements consultancy within the framework of business projects of foreign clients in the Czech Republic within the framework of the NEXIA INTERNATIONAL network as well as out of this network and consultancy for both new and expanding domestic entities. The basic activity is formed by preparation, possibly evaluation of financial plans and opposition proceedings for business projects, assurance of establishment of business companies, introduction of the accounting system, including internal guidelines, bookkeeping, introduction of a system of tax records, setting up of the contracts and principles of business relations and relationships with interconnected entities. An advantage of the assurance of these services by Nexia AP a.s. is the high expertise and professionalism which, in combination with a personal approach can lead to the client’s satisfaction.

Tax consultancy

One of the important obligations of any economic entity is the fulfilment of its financial as well as non-financial undertakings towards the locally competent inland revenue bodies represented usually by tax authorities. ....

Optimisation of accounting from the viewpoint of costs, time of processing and usability of outputs

On the basis of our experience we know that in every company the Financial Director must face, from time to time, pressures on reduction of the costs of his or her section as a section not forming any added value of the company. ...


Nexia AP a.s. provided accounting services already from its establishment. In 2005, the partners decided about the move of all accounting orders into the partner’s company INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING SERVICES, s.r.o. ...

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